Taufiq Zainal

Graphic Designer



(student project)

Reformed criminal Lee Temple has returned to his East London roots with an idea to open a Laundrette.


(student project)

Design an editorial spread and a front cover for a travel magazine.


Readers of the magazine are outgoing and adventurous. 



(Student project)

Re-branding of the Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines which is located in Moscow, Russia.

Mobile App 

(student project)

Create a new bike a sharing app, and design a roll out for the app. The app will be launched in the city of Kyoto, Japan. There should be a unique feature that will attract users.

I am a recent Graphic Design graduate from Shilington College.
I have a strong and keen interest in Branding. I love the aspect about trying to tell a story through visual identity, its something deep and something personal. Its exciting!

In design the people I look up to are Chris Do (the Futur), Alexander Rodchenko and Chris Ashworth. In my spare time I like to experiment with mixed media collage and I am keen on learning video editing. Follow me on instagram, and feel free to contact me.
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